Soliman three days trip.

 It start at 10 am by jeep to see the Best sites of the desert during the three days.

In the First day you will go to see the Best places in the red desert so you will go to see the lawrance spring, sand duns, kazaly canyon, small arch, lawrance house, the mashroom rock, walk in the small canyon, um froth bridge, Sunset, camping under the stars.

The second day.
After the breckfast you will do One day Hiking on burdah rock bridge which is take about 3 hours Hiking to the top and back, then you will have bedouin lunch then you will spend the rest of the desert in the white desert after you will go to camping under the stars.

Day three.
You will go to do Hiking on jabel um addami which is at the border with saudi arabia and it is take about 3 hours Hiking to the top and back. After the hike you will go to see the rest of the desert to enjoy the land scape then after sun set you will camping under the stars then in the next day morning after breckfast We drive you back to rum vilege.

The trip includes

Guide speaking english and Hiking with you.
Bedouin lunch during the three days trip with tea and water.

Sand bearding.
Dinnar and breckfast under the stars.

All the stuff for sleeping.

Three over night stay under the stars.

The price

1 person: 150JD

2 people: 200JD p.p (600JD)

3 people: 100JD p.p (900JD)

4 people: 85JD p.p (1440JD)

5 people: 75JD p.p (1875JD)

6 people: 55JD p.p (1980JD)