Burdah rock bridge adventures

 It is bigest bridge in the desert and it is about 200 meters above the desert and it is take about 3 hours Hiking to the top and back and it is Hiking tour and after the bridge you will visit the white desert.

The tour includes
Guide speaking english and Hiking with you.
Bedouin lunch with tea and water.
Over night stay with dinnar and breckfast.
Bedouin music

The price
1 person: 150JD

2 people: 80JD p.p (160JD)

3 people: 75JD p.p (225JD)

4 people: 70JD p.p (280JD)

5 people: 60JD p.p (300JD)

6 people: 55JD p.p (330JD)